What’s the process of getting veneers like?

Although veneers can be considered a cosmetic treatment, they are still a highly skilled dental procedure and need careful consideration before you go ahead. Veneers are created from a thin layer of material (usually porcelain) that is bonded permanently to the tooth to hide the appearance of the original tooth.

Invisalign FAQs: what you need to know

The term “invisible braces” has been used for some years to describe any brace that has been designed to make little visual impact. There are a few different kinds of invisible braces, and they vary in their discreetness. There is no brace on the market that is 100% invisible, but there are some that come […]

When should I get dental implants?

There are many benefits, but the primary one is the fact that you will no longer feel self-conscious about your smile. Dental implants are created to look like natural teeth, and are custom made to fit your mouth.